Mind Flayer Dungeons & Dragons T-Shirt


Mind Flayer Dungeons & Dragons T-Shirt T-shirts


This Dungeons & Dragons t-shirt features an image of an evil and sadistic aberration known as a Mind Flayer.

Mind Flayers were humanoid in appearance but with an octopus-like, ridged head with four tentacles surrounding a lamprey-like mouth. They were tyrants that viewed themselves as masterminds, controlling, harvesting, and twisting the potential of other creatures to further their evil and far-reaching goals. Although they cooperated to achieve a goal, they would back away at the first sign that something was not profitable to their self-serving interests.

Put out the myriad suns to darken the light with this Mind Flayer Dungeons & Dragons T-Shirt!

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Mind Flayer Dungeons & Dragons T-Shirt

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