Organic Pebble Pure Mini Crib Mattress


Organic Pebble Pure Mini Crib Mattress


As parents, Nook knows that nurseries come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, safe sleep needs to be offered in small spaces too! The Mini Pure Organic offers the natural materials of the award-winning Pebble Pure with the smaller footprint of most Mini Cribs. While space may be minimal, breathability is maximized with the GreenGuard Gold certified Pure Mini. The mattress core is made of organic coconut fiber, protected by a natural wool fire barrier, and comes crib ready with an organic Pebble SafetyCover™. Crib sheet optional.

Nook is company of Moms and Dads committed to offering safe, breathable, sustainable, comfortable and long-lasting products that will make the parenting journey easier. From sleep time to feeding time, and all the times in between, Nook welcomes you into a community of parents that love their kids, care about the earth and strive to make the world a better place, one Pebble at a time

  • Size: 38in x 24in x 3in
  • Weight: 14 lbs

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Organic Pebble Pure Mini Crib Mattress

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